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April 27, 20202:
Added review of Orders to Eagles Napoleonic Rules

Rules and Modifications

Rules Reviews

  1. Blue Sky rules review
  2. Flaklighter rules review
  3. KampfGruppe Commander rules review
  4. Orders to Eagles Rules review

Campaign Rules

  1. 1862 - Civil War campaign rules for the EasternTheater
    This is the home grown rule set that is used in the Civil War campaign games that we have been and are playing. It is very much a work in progress, but it is workable as it is presented here. It is designed for Army size actions stretching over hundreds of square miles.

  2. Campaign rules for "Battleground"
    A set of working rules to regulate behind the lines activities of German and American infantry companies in France, 1944.

  3. The Coral Sea Campaign
    A set of rules for Air to Sea combat in the Pacific. While this set is focused on the Coral Sea campaign in 1942, with modification it can be used for any air to sea strategic simulation. This particular rule set is designed to be used with "Blue Sky - Red Sun" rules. There is also a specific modification and Order of Battle for a Midway game at the end of the rules.

  4. Pigs and Glory - The Viking Sagas
    A set of rules to create interaction between families of Vikings and to give a purpose to all the mindless slaughter. All heros (players) who are at the game become involved in a random adventure that may be a search for a treasure, a raid on some hapless farm, or any number of things. The purpose of the campaign is to be the first to become a legend.

  5. The Battle of Britain Campaign
    Spitfire A set of rules being play tested about one day in the Battle of Britain. German bombers have a limited time to try to knock out British Radar sites and air bases. With modifications it can be used for any day in the Battle of Britain.

Tabletop Rules
  1. Civil War
  2. Battle Troll - Rules for Viking conflict.
  3. Blue Sky - Air combat in world war two.